Ten thoughts randomly on my mind.

  1. ‘The Real Faith’ by Charles Price. One of the only times a class reading assignment brought me to tears. Everyone should read it.
  2. The piano intro to Drifters by Patrick Watson.
  3. I wish I’d taken more Dr. Hall classes. For sure.
  4. I still want to make sushi. Soon. Like, really soon.
  5. Nephilim.
  6. Matthew Henry’s commentary on Daniel 9.
  7. Part of me can’t bring myself to watch season 4 of Downton Abbey. My heart can’t take it. If someone smiles for a second or finds happiness… you know they’re gonna die.
  8. My wanderlust has only gotten stronger.
  9. Piast.
  10. I miss my family.


  1. I am blessed beyond belief. I’m completely overwhelmed by the reality my Father’s unconditional love for me.
  2. I still want to make sushi. If anyone has a stove and would like to attempt a culinary masterpiece, let me know.
  3. Yann Tierson, you are brilliant. Please make more music.
  4. I love weddings. I cry more than the bride. Even when I don’t know her.
  5. 6 more weeks of winter? So…6 more weeks of sunny, warm weather? Bring it on.
  6. Yes, Once Upon a Time is cheesy. But I love it.
  7. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are a better duo than Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law.
  8. Lilypads.
  9. Why doesn’t anyone want to play Taboo these days?
  10. I found a rock in my buckwheat. Mmmhhmmmm! Feels healthier that way.
  1. My God is a God that saves.
  2. The piano introduction to Ian Macintosh’s Such Beauty is breathtaking. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7szvGw0YYrs
  3. The most times Damstrom has beeped his scooter horn within a 50 minute timeframe was 12.
  4. New Jersey > Pennsylvania.
  5. I just bought a silver faux diamond ring from Kohls. One day later, it’s completely copper and my finger is completely green.
  6. I do almost everything in fours.
  7. The pomegranate green tea at Jazzman’s is impeccable.
  8. I really want to make, and preferably eat, sushi.
  9. Katie Holmes makes a much better Rachel Dawes than Maggie G.
  10. I’m legally blind. And an artist. I take pride in that combination.