by Alexandra Rutkowski

A lot of times, we put God in a box and think He’s only capable, or interested, in doing certain things.

Big things. Grand things. Ya know, important things.

But I’ve been reminded time and time again this past year that my Heavenly Daddy, He cares the things I care about. He’s interested in the small things too. Those seemingly inconsequential things that while they don’t have a profound impact on the course of my life or the universe, they’re a way to let us know He loves us.

He’s not this distant omnipotent Being. He’s a Daddy who just sometimes just likes to spoil His kids. Who takes pleasure from our joy. Who loves to surprise us. To see us smile. 

He does it a lot.

It’s often in the small things.

And I think we’re so distracted we often miss it.

I was reminded of this on Christmas morning.

It’s a small thing, really, but to me, it was big. Let me explain.

When I went to Venice this past summer, I found a handmade mask I absolutely adored. There was no way to get it back home because it would get crushed in my backpack. I must have gone back to that store 10 times, holding it in my hands and wishing I could find a way to get it. I was so sad when I had to leave it.

I never mentioned it to anyone and I completely forgot about it until months later on Christmas day. I opened up my gift and just started sobbing- I see the exact mask I held in my hands. Not a replica… the same one. My sister – who has absolutely no idea – decided to buy me a random mask handmade and imported from Venice for Christmas. And it was the same one I held and wished so many times I could have. 


Sometimes He just loves to see us smile. 

Even if that means taking a gift I wanted in a small shop in Venice across the world and delivering it to me on Christmas morning.