by Alexandra Rutkowski

I was working on a sermon a few weeks ago for my Gospels class, and the night before, something caught me eye and captured my heart when I read it. I never saw it before and I just started weeping. It was about the woman with the issue of blood. (Remember, because of OT law, and because of her condition, her family would have left her, and years of being an outcast would have stripped her of any worth she once had.) So, fast forward to the end of the story, where she receives healing and comes before Christ.


She looks up at him, with tear streaks on her dirty face, as He said, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace and be healed of your affliction.” 

Daughter. There’s something so beautiful about that. This is the only time in ALL of Scripture that we ever see Jesus call someone daughter 

But this title wasn’t just an expression of tenderness. It was so much more than that.

Remember, she would have had no family at this point. And after a decade of being an outcast, she was stripped of any identity she once had. No family. No identity.

But when Jesus called her daughter….

He gave her back all those things. It was symbol of her adoption. At that moment, he wasn’t just The Healer, he became The Father. She was adopted into his spiritual family, and in a way, he became the family that she’d lost. And this woman who’d lost her identity a long time ago, when he called her daughter, he gave her worth, he gave her a new identity, in Him. She was no longer the disgusting diseased woman on the street. She was now a daughter of the King.

He didn’t just heal her body, but he stepped in where there was emptiness in her life and filled it.

Christ’s healing is complete.


This is the Jesus I know. And this is the healing I know He gives. That whole, complete healing. Where he steps in to fill the gaps in our lives. Gives us family. Identity. Whatever it is we’re lacking. Where he calls out to us to come to him and says: Daughter… Son… your faith has healed you, now go and live in freedom.

That’s the healing we need.