by Alexandra Rutkowski

There are few things that I find more beautiful than walking with God.

When I read the accounts of Noah and Enoch, that’s what stuck out to me. Different translations describe Noah as “walking faithfully” or “in close fellowship with” God, and the like is said of Enoch. I just can’t get over it. The idea is so beautiful to me.

You know, our history books are filled with renowned figures that stand out for their heroics, for the empires they won, for their conquests, the riches they amassed. Others we look up to for their genius, their unmatched intellect, and their contributions to the modern world. We have heroes that we hold on a pedestal, and the whole world can know their names. We fill books with their stories and lift them up. But more is said in praise of these two men of God in four words than ever could be said of them all.

He walked with God.

These were ordinary men. Simple men. Simple men that just loved their Maker deeply and walked faithfully with Him. I like to picture them in the busyness of their lives, hands in their pockets, kicking up dirt on a beaten path and just talking with God. Listening to Him.

There’s just something so special about that imagery. When two close friends walk with each other, they share confidence. They confide in each other. There is trust, their conversation is kind and sweet, and their communion is secret. Walking with God results in such a holy intimacy. God isn’t calling us to this unreachable standard of perfection or greatness. He’s just calling us to walk faithfully with Him. I know it’s not just literal, but for me sometimes I just need to make it that way. It’s a reminder of what our spiritual walks with God look like on a daily basis.

Something I don’t do nearly enough is just literally walk with God. But some of my most precious memories with Him are when I’m doing just that. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of the world, in all those distractions that fight for our attention and consume our time like parasites. It’s so easy for me to lose sight of my priorities. But when I get out, shut the door behind me, and literally walk with God, that’s when things change. Hours go by. Just a little more time. Please, just a little longer! You lose sight of time. Because you’re not just walking with a friend. You’re walking with the Creator of the Universe who calls you His friend. (The words from that Misty Edwards song kept playing in my mind today over and over again- Here it’s You and me alone, God. You and me alone. You and me alone.) It’s the time I wrestle with God, ask Him a million questions like an annoying little kid, and just talk with Him. It’s okay then to say, “You know what, God? I just don’t get things” or “Let’s just talk about things,” because He’s eager to do just that. He wants us to be real with Him. It’s when I literally get out and walk with Him that nothing else matters. It doesn’t matter what it looks like- I can cry tears of sorrow or confusion, worship, skip along the road spinning in joy, or giggle with laughter… He’s there beside me every step of the way. Literally walking by my side. Not only can I talk with Him, but I have a deep longing to hear from Him. I just want to hear Him speak. And not what I want to hear Him say, but what He wants to say. It’s a conversation. It’s so easy to lose track of time this way. And there’s no more beautiful way. I want to walk with God like this no matter the circumstance. Through hardship or joy, I want it to remain constant.

I find it completely incomprehensible that my God wants to have this kind of fellowship with us. That He loves us this much.

I wish these four words could be used to describe us someday. She walked with God. He walked with God. And not that we on occasion walked with God or when convenient walked with God, but that we faithfully walked with God.

That’s my prayer.