by Alexandra Rutkowski

I was looking back at my notebook and I found a story my high school class in Korea wrote together for an assignment. It made me smile. 

Once upon a time there was a boy. And he died. And then he came back to life. He made a pretty girlfriend. Her name was Alexandra. They broke up. Because she has another boy. And he’s Justin Beiber. Suddenly, Peter Parker came to her and he said, “I am your father.” She said, “I am not your daughter. If you are my father, I am your mother.” The earth is gone because aliens came to earth to make super space highway. Suddenly, Tony Stark appeared. He killed aliens. And he remade earth. A new monster appeared. And Tony Stark made a new team of superheroes without Captain America. Captain America made another team and fought with Tony Stark’s team. Then new monster appeared and Alexandra is the team leader. Alexandra killed Captain America. Because Captain America have another girl. So Alexandra was angry and then Alexandra changed into the Hulk. She destroyed the world. The whole thing is gone.

The end.