by Alexandra Rutkowski

Chapel this morning? I felt a great unworthiness, and at the same time, grace. It is such a privilege for us all to be able to sing to God. I’m just one small voice in a sea of many. But as we cry out to God, declaring His greatness, it is a symphony I am so honored to be a part of. It is one that reaches the very throne of God. We are standing in the very presence of God. Suddenly, all my problems seem so insignificant. All the things I was going to ask God… oh, they can wait. Let me just worship Him. He is here!! He is here! Let me worship. Let me just declare His greatness with everything inside of me. It’s kind of what I picture heaven like. Standing before His presence, overwhelmed by His immensity, not needing or desiring anything else at all, just declaring His majesty over and over and over again. His majesty.