by Alexandra Rutkowski

I was painting tonight, and a thought occurred to me while I was looking down at my brushes. I’ve got a whole assortment of them, you see. They’re all different sizes and shapes.. big, small, thick, thin, round, flat… and I’ve set them aside. Each one is used for a purpose, a specific use I’ve got planned out for it in advance. I know what each is best for and how it can contribute to the grand design I’m eager to paint. And it sits there patiently, waiting for the artist’s hand to use it. No one brush is going to paint the whole picture on it’s own. Each one, for the strokes it can contribute, adds to it. It’s the combination of all of them that paints a picture that no one brush can see. All each one  is limited to seeing and understanding is the simple strokes of color that it makes. But is has no idea of the masterpiece it’s contributing to. It’s not about one brush wanting to paint the whole picture on it’s own, it’s about being patient and willing for the Master to use us the way He sees best.