by Alexandra Rutkowski

Standing in the throne room of the God. In awe. I fall to the ground, humbled by His greatness. I cannot comprehend His measure. He’s larger and greater than my mortal mind could ever fathom. Oh God, how did I miss it until now? I begin to shout to Him. I shout with every once of strength in my body. How could a Being this vast possibly hear even my loudest cries? It would make so sense at all. I shout louder. But surely a Being this large, infinitely large, no… it’s not possible. I am but dust at His feet. I shout louder. He so great and I so small, there is no way He can hear me. I shout louder and louder and louder, struggling to be heard, and even louder until there is nothing left in me.

But at this moment, the Great Being leans down, turns His face to me, and in all His beauty says, “My daughter, I hear you when you whisper.”