by Alexandra Rutkowski

It’s been about a month being back at school, and in the states. After flying over 24 hours, the moment we got off the plane, we got to school and started RA training (needless to say that I wasn’t at my most pleasant then) and it was non-stop until students came in. And I love my girls- each and every one of them. I feel God’s presence on our floor and amazing things have already happened. Only one word can describe how I feel right now: blessed. A lot of things are changing though. And it’s scary. I’m still looking for a moment to catch my breath. I haven’t been able to sit down for more than two minutes to even think about Korea and figure things out. I’m looking forward to doing so. I’m also looking forward to this year. I’m eager to see what God has planned. As much as I’d like Him to spell His will out for me, I’m learning to wait patiently. It’s an interesting thought, what the future holds. But for the present, I love where I am right now. I don’t worry about where I’ll be five years from now or even five months. I’m happy where I am. Keep me focused on You.