Day 34.

by Alexandra Rutkowski

God is faithful. Can I just start off by saying that? Seriously. I’ve seen God open up doors on this trip that I hadn’t imagined, and I know that a huge part of that was the prayers of everyone at church back home. Thank you.

Day 34. I think. I’ve lost track of days. Today was my first day of my last week of teaching. It’s definitely a challenge this week- 8 years olds. I’ve never worked with teaching children before, so this… will definitely be interesting. On another note, I’m settled in with my wonderful homestay family. They are Korean and Japanese, and therefore it is a spicy-free home! Praise the Lord, He answers even the small prayers. She cooks Japanese and American style food, and today we rolls sushi at the dinner table. It was a dream come true. I now have an omma, appa, and three dongsaeng now. The two little girls (ages 5 & 6), Erin and Cherin, call me Ola unni. Unni means ‘big sister’ in Korean. It is so sweet when I hear the little girl asking her mother in Korean if Ola unni will be staying forever. I love them. We hold hands everywhere and they love when I carry them. We hold hands and skip everywhere we go. The parents are wonderful as well, and have always wanted to be homestay parents. And they actually laugh at my jokes! It’s going to be a very hard goodbye at the end of this week. 

On that note, I thought I’d share an embarrassing encounter from last week. There were many, but this one is among my Top 5:

I was playing Mafia with my girls last week and in Korea they don’t put their heads down and up when they play, but they open and close their eyes. So I said, “Ok Mafia… open your eyes. [still waiting] Mafia, you can open your ryes. Mafia! You can open your eyes now!!” And they responded, “But teacher, ah eyes are open.” Oh. My bad…

It’s hard to believe I’ll be back in the States next week. Jesus help me through this week. You’ve got this.

(And Tomek, if you or Ania are reading this, have a wonderfully blessed birthday! I am praying for you both and wish you the most wonderful day imaginable. I thank God for the blessing you are to me, my family, and everyone around you. Keep chasing after God like you do and be filled with joy. Happy birthday!)