Day 16

by Alexandra Rutkowski

Thank You Lord for this past week. It’s been an incredible experience. I honestly cannot imagine a teaching week going better than this one has. My students were phenomenal and hilarious, eager to learn and made every moment of teaching so enjoyable. One of my favorite parts to teach was idioms. We needed to teach our students idioms. But they’re all outdated. So, on top of those, I gave my students a short presentation called: “Gangsta 101: How to be a gangsta taught by a white girl from New Joisey.” I taught them swag, come at me, bro!, epic fail, epic win, I see you, beast mode, and like a boss. I loved when they would use them! We did a lot of creative writing, presenting, a lot of practical real world application, and a ton more. It’s strange having my teaching days start at 8 and end at 5, all the while with the same group of kids. Every day, all day for a week. Then it’s time to say goodbye. And oh how I hate that part. On the last day my students gave their presentations, and I cried. I can’t express how proud I am of each and every one of them. They’ve been pushed but they thrived. They’ve made me so very proud. (On a side note, today the teachers and I went to Hanok traditional village, and I ran into Kent, one of my students. We embarrassed him in front of his friends by singing happy birthday.)

The week has been so rewarding, but it’s also been extremely draining as well. I feel like teaching sucks the life out of me because for those hours, I’m pouring everything I have out there. I’m not an outgoing person, I’m fairly introverted. So stick me in front of a group of kids for nine hours every day, and I’m putting everything I have out there. It’s really taking me out of my comfort zone because I want them to be able to enjoy English and find it exciting. The Lord’s been teaching me a lot. He’s been taking my heart out and wrecking it, and building it up again. It’s really a journey. 

And while everything seemed to be going so well, something isn’t. There’s a spiritual heaviness. I feel an attack and I’m trying to fight it. It’s hard to explain, but it’s so distinct and strong. I feel the enemy trying harder and harder and I feel like it’s draining me. Praying for God’s strength. And wisdom. The Lord knows I need a lot of that this month.