Days 10 & 11

by Alexandra Rutkowski

You know you’re tired when the first thing you ask when you wake up is, “Ok, when can I take a nap today?”

My weekend dinner? Oatmeal tea and octopus. Yes, a typical meal in Korea. But how could I forget? We ended it with karaoke. We rented a karaoke room for an hour. That might have been one of the best hours of my life. It’s good to be able to relax and get away sometimes.

God is really teaching me a lot this trip. He’s stretching me. He’s revealing Himself in really unexpected ways. And He’s humbling me. It’s so hard to explain unless you understand some of the situations here that I can’t talk about. But I’ll just leave it at that- God is great indeed. He’s constantly reminding me of it.

When we’re not teaching, we’re doing nonstop ministering. I’ve been able to lead worship a few times, and we’re literally dragged from one place to another every minute not being told what we’re doing. But that’s how it is in Korea. “Oh, and by the way…” is the most common phrase we’ve heard. “We’re making a stop at this church. Their service starts in 2 minutes. You need to lead worship for half an hour. Go.” “…ok.” You just learn to go with it. Teaching here is completely draining. It takes a lot out of you because you’re giving so much. I just want these students to understand and to have fun with the language. We’re using English as a tool to reach these students and minister to them. I want to leave an impact. I want them to remember a teacher who cared about them and poured into their lives. We got settled in our rooms and began teaching at Jeonju University this morning. What a day. It takes a lot out of us all. Last week my class an hour away had an extremely limited grasp of the English language. Limited vocabulary, comprehension, you name it. But I loved them. This week, I have the complete opposite. They’re basically fluent. They’re so good they just zoom through the material like no one’s business. It’s actually becoming stressful because it is extra pressure to really develop their English. But I’m happy with them. I’d consider myself a shy person, but when it comes to the classroom… I have no idea what happens. I’m crazy. I’m glad no one outsides sees it. Oh yes, it was very hot so I was walking around fanning the students with my textbook. I have bad aim. I accidentally smacked one kid with it in the face. My bad.

Gave my new Korean students English names today. Their names?
Bruce, Wayne, Peter, Parker, Mary, Jane, Watson, Clark, Kent, Steve, and Rodgers. 
Best class ever.