Day 7

by Alexandra Rutkowski

I’m not ready to leave this school! This week has been absolutely crazy, I can’t even describe it. My first week as a teacher has been quite stretching.. it’s tested me. I never imagined it would be this hard. But at the same time, nothing could top the joy I felt when they actually got the material. I’ve had moments with this class that I’ll never forget. What a blessing. We were told this would be the hardest week of them all. I got the hardest class, but still God came through. This week has been a testament to the grace of God. Without Him, everything would have been in shambles. Yes, there were moments where I wanted to curl up in fetal position because my children were so disruptive, but somehow God brought everything back to a good place in the end. At one moment of extreme frustration and hopelessness, my student took my hand in hers and said, ‘Teacher, please don’t sad.” Although it was a hard class, it’s brought me joy. And some of my students bring me gifts. I’ll miss that. A few of these students have the potential to go very far with their English.

Alright, now it’s time for… Awkward Moments with Alexandra. Today’s story? Yeah… well… this is a game programming/design high school so there’s several hundred boys and maybe less than five girls. So the bathrooms are combined. I needed to go to the restroom, and since I obviously don’t read Korean, I walked into a room I thought was the bathroom but actually was not. In front of me was a student almost completely undressed coming out of the shower. Completely embarrassed, I wanted to shout I’M SORRY!!! as I shut the door. But instead, the word kamsamnida accidentally came off my lips… which actually means “thank you.” So, yes… awkward indeed. 

We had the opportunity to minister to the students on Wednesday night with a testimony, skits, and a time of worship. That was truly a blessing. Since it was closing night tonight, we ended this very long week with a talent show. I got to sing with one of students, and the talent show turned into a karaoke night, which was awesome. Seeing the students dance to Call Me Maybe was unforgettable. I had Tisia on Skype so she got to be there with me. Our team ended with the cuban shuffle. Loved it. I am going to miss my students. Next stop: Jeonju University for the next three weeks.

This ends my first week as a teacher. It only gets better from here.