Day 2

by Alexandra Rutkowski

Day 2. July 13.

There’s one thing that connects all the places I’ve ever been to. No matter what continent I’m on, people always say I look like Katie Holmes. Reminds me that it’s a small world.

            I feel like such a tourist. Because I am. But it’s  alright. This was our touring day before the real work begins. And what have I learned so far?

1.) Lots of Korean phrases that I scribble phonetically on my napkin. It’s a lot of fun to try to use them. My spelling is absolutely atrocious, but the people here are so forgiving. Every time they use a new phrase, I’ll ask them about 20 times over how to pronounce it as I try to write it down.

2.) It rains in Korea. A lot. Umbrellas are a must, every day.

3.) Gyeongbokgung Palace is a sight to see. We started the day there and I’m still in awe of its grandeur.

4.) We walked around Bukchon, an ancient village and other parts of the capital.

5.) Unlimited sushi buffet is quite possibly what the great feast in heaven is going to be.

6.) Kimchi? Well, it’s safe to say I’m never going to develop a taste for that.

7.) And oh yes. I’ve fallen in love with Korea. Every bit of it.

I am so blessed by the hospitality of the members of the Gaepo Methodist Church. They’ve taken us in and showered us in kindness. It is truly God’s doing that He connected us with this church. May they be blessed. 

An yong hi ju mu se yo!