by Alexandra Rutkowski

The grains of sand in summer’s hourglass are quickly falling. I’m leaving for Korea in three days. Pretty much. I’m staring at all my stuff packed up for the floor, college, and this trip. It’s the most organized I’ve been in a long, long time.  God’s taught me a lot these past few weeks. Going to Creation was a highlight. Worshipping with 60,000+ fellow believers was amazing. My heart cried out with joy as 3000 people accepted Christ and almost 400 were baptized. I know numbers don’t matter. But these aren’t statistics. They’re souls.  Besides the spiritual ‘filling up’, Creation can best be described in one word- hot. With record temperatures this year, and working the freezing 12-4am shift, our bodies did not respond very well. But it’s alright. It was definitely an adventure. We also had pretty amazing neighbors this year. And guess what, I’m allergic to the sun.

The past few days have been complete madness. I’ve been finishing up stuff for the floor, getting all my college gear together, and trying to get my life in some sort of order before I leave. I will not overpack. I will not overpack. A few months ago, I couldn’t even describe my excitement for this trip. I jumped up and down at the thought of the adventure. But sitting here right now, my feelings are mixed..

I love being home. I’m settled in, cozy, safe, and happy here. I love waking up to my mommy every morning and being crazy with her in the evening. I love making up with my sister after we bicker over some ridiculous things we can’t even remember. And how we can laugh uncontrollably and watch her turn to jello in the middle of the floor. I love when my dad talks about some new revelation of the Bible he’s had, and I love laughing at his jokes. Just because he tells them. I love the fact that our church is a family every Sunday, and it’s joy every time we go. I love my family here and I love the fact that my best friend lives down the street. Life is good the way it is. 

I’ll always be in love with all this. That won’t change. And I feel like I can travel the world and just having that waiting for me is perfect. I love adventure and I love new experiences. I’m humbled and honored to be able to share the Good News with those who haven’t heard it. And at the same time, I’m nervous beyond belief. I’m scared because I know that in and of myself, I can’t offer much at all. I’m really hoping God’s will is in all of this. Cause it’s not working out without Him. 

But I guess that’s where trusting Him in comes in. It’s almost time!