by Alexandra Rutkowski

You can sum up the past few days in one word: exhaustion.

But there’s also another word that keeps repeating in my head: awe. 

I’m in awe of how God works. I’m in awe of God’s perfect timing. I’m in awe. 

Today was one of the most wonderful days I can ever remember. Today I had the honor of shooting the wedding of Rachael Amelia Ogden and Michael Bondy. It’s hard to describe the entire day in a few words. How can I ever? It was so different from all the other weddings I’ve shot.  It was all full of so much… joy. There was complete peace and overflowing joy. It wasn’t a stressful affair. It was relaxed and full of joy. Oh how beautiful it was! The ceremony was perfect. I feel like I cried more than any of the family there. Above all, the entire celebration first and foremost gave glory to the King. It was an event orchestrated by His hands and His blessing and presence was there. It was anointed. Oh, how beautiful. This is a couple I strive to be like. To have the heart for God they have. To have that passion. It’s so evident in all they do and in their love for others. It’s crazy!

I had the honor of photographing the entire celebration. The experience blessed me more than it could ever bless the bride and groom I feel. Just being able to be a part of their special day was enough. Unfortunately, due to my poor sleeping/overall busy schedule, I functioned through the day on an hour of sleep. Because the entire thing was so amazing, and because I was and am so excited for the bride and groom, I was on an adrenaline rush all day. From 4:30 in the morning to almost 7 in the evening. And then the crash comes. I can’t wait for the moment when I can walk up the stairs without having to hang on to someone. So tired! Hahaha.

But honestly, when I look to my own future and the thought of my own wedding and spouse… I want it to be like today’s. God-honoring in every.single.conceivable.way. 

Someday it’ll be my turn. Someday!