by Alexandra Rutkowski

Wednesday morning, it became official when I bought my ticket. I’m going to be a teacher in Korea! The whole idea is a big a combination of excitement and terror. Both to the extreme. I don’t know how to teach, I don’t know how to preach, and yet… I’m going to be doing both. Interesting how that works out, huh? But I feel ready. Send me, Lord!! I’m praying, but need to pray much more, for wisdom. It’s not a grand missions trip or anything, but I know God opens doors for a reason. This is a missions trip to me. Even though I can’t share the Gospel when I teach, I want to be the reflection of Christ’s love. I want to help give them something to long for. I love the heart of a child. So innocent, inquisitive, and eager. How beautiful! I can learn so much from children. I need to use so much more of that in my relationship with God. But that’s something I can go off on for a long, long time. So I won’t. But I’m going to Koreaaaaaaaaa! Caleb, Kelly, and I decided to book our flights a few days earlier so we can tour the Seoul/Incheon general area… or anywhere else. Hopefully we’ll find a place to stay. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. With the Lord’s help. 

That night I had the honor of hearing the Lord speak through Rebecca’s words. It was her first time preaching! I’m so glad I got to be there to hear it. It was a great sermon, but she said one thing near the beginning, that though simple, stuck with me. And still does. God doesn’t see who you were, or who you are, but who He’s calling you to be

Well, I’m shooting  a wedding and got to be out of the house in about… well, 2 hours. I’m afraid if I go to bed I’ll sleep in! 

Speaking of time (this really has nothing to do with it, except I was thinking about time differences, but…), a number of my friends are oversees doing their internships right now. Praying for them! God is planning incredible things and I can’t wait to hear from them. Mike and Elizabeth are both in Indonesia for the next few weeks, so I’m praying for God’s protection over both of them. Oh it makes me giddy with excitement to think of the things the Lord has planned. Scared too. But ready.