by Alexandra Rutkowski

I love my nose. I think it’s really funny now that I look back at it, but I used to be so embarrassed about it. I just thought of it now and it made me laugh. I remember when I was little being laughed at in school. People called it a old witch’s nose or a stubby button nose. I remember looking in the mirror when I came back from school and wondering how the world could stand it. I couldn’t even look at it! I didn’t want to go to school after that. Haha. It’s ridiculous now that I think of it. Now I love my nose! I think it fits my quite well. It’s a quirky nose. Just like me.

I know I need to start running again, so today’s the day I started. What happened? Last summer I could run 20 miles. Today I run 20 feet and I’m on the ground gasping for air, haha. I have absolutely no stamina. But I did find a butterfly. It was dead, unfortunately. But I have a collection of butterflies I’ve found while running, and I always bring them home to Mommy. 

And on that topic, I don’t think words can describe the woman my mother is. I was talking with her a few days ago, and while talking about something, I said, “If someone can’t stick to their word, you can’t expect them to stick to their convictions later on.” Or something like that. Not eloquent at all or anything. But Mommy’s someone like that. Steadfast, firm, and honest. She’s a woman who walks right out of Scripture straight into my heart. I wanna be just like her. I wanna have her heart, (her looks), her smile, her passion, and her love. I want to be for my kids who she is for us. That’s immeasurable worth, right there, that is.