by Alexandra Rutkowski

The Lord answers prayers. I know that, but sometimes it’s so wonderfully evident! I’ve been praying about my girls since Novemberish, and for God to direct the housing signups that were held tonight. I don’t think I can express the joy after seeing the floor sheet after the lottery/signups tonight. I am so excited for what the Lord has planned, I can hardly contain it! Oh praise the King!! Thank You Jesus. I can’t wait to meet all the beautiful girls. I’m eager to serve.

It was also Community Service Day today at the forge. Everything shuts down and we all go out and serve in the community. And we had the best team ever. Courtney, Aubrey, Janell, and Korinne, and I and (Tom & Shane) painted 2 murals at the YCMA in Phoenixville. Best. Community. Service. Day. Project. Ever. We were all covered in paint by the end. Ahh, marvelous day. I am blessed with such incredible people in my life. The Lord is good. 

I am looking forward to wonderful things ahead.