by Alexandra Rutkowski

Heaven is exploding in my mouth in the form of dulce de leche. It’s bringing me back to Argentina! As silly as it might sound, but dulce de leche reminds me to pray for all the people I was blessed to meet down there, and even the people I met on the plane. God is doing some pretty incredible things in that church, but I need to keep praying. Lots of spiritual warfare going on.

I had a tea party picnic on a hill with a lovely lady today.  Had a massage by a masseuse. Stopped by the Beuttler bonfire. But the best part about today was that it began and ended in worship. Today was worship chapel and tonight, well, I got distracted with a swing set. A little kids swing set too low to the ground. There was just something so beautiful about the simplicity of that swing. The solitude, the canopy of stars above, and the opportunity to just spend that time with God. It was so precious to me. 

Sitting on a swing in the great presence of the King.