Day 17: Parliament, Yeahya.

by Alexandra Rutkowski

Today was the business attire day. Heels, pencil skirts, and sweaters. And let’s not forget security checks. Many, many security checks. We went to the Prime Minister’s office to discuss the current economic crisis in Israel. The Deputy Minister was kind enough to spend time with us and answer all of our questions as well. She mentioned the relationship between Israel and the States once being one of trust. “We have to find new allies now,” she said. How sad, but true. She by expressing her hopes that we can be those future allies they can trust. (Every Israeli we’ve come in contact with has had very strong opinions about Obama. It’s actually becoming really funny.) The entire day was one-two-three, rushed. We ran quickly (in heels) to the Knesset, which is Israel’s Parliament, where we met with three parliament members from opposing parties. Our main parliament member was an Ethiopian Jew- supposedly one of the descendents of the Queen of Sheba (who they say slept with Solomon), who never even knew there were white Jews! After hundreds of years of separation, they were discovered and their Torah was compared with the normal Torah… and the difference was only one letter. This proves the validity of the Torah/Bible. How cool is that! We had a tour of the Knesset and went to see the assembly meet and discuss possible resolutions to the housing crisis in Jerusalem. It was intense… only because it was in Hebrew and I had absolutely no idea what they were saying. But it sounded pretty cool. Afterwards, while most of the group went to a meeting with Shalom Yerusaliyem (I know I spelled that wrong), Hadassah and Rebecca were interviewed for CBN- so check it out when it comes out on TV! I got interviewed by the Jerusalem Post… just saying. That made my day.

After a day full of intense meetings and sore feet, we headed back to the hotel for dinner and worship. Our original plan was meeting for worship in the bomb shelter, but there was already a party going on down there. Haha. Party in the bomb shelter! Woot woot! We ended up having worship in the lobby of the Caesar hotel, and were joined by some Jewish kids who befriended Earnest a few moments before. It was awesome! What an experience. A few of us ended the night by going to a coffee shop in the middle of the city and just hanging out. Oh yes, and I bought a Curious George book in Hebrew. That’ll be the culmination of my Hebrew education at the Forge. So looking forward to that.

[Here’s where Joseph almost gets hits by a car and Hannah pulls him back by his backpack from the middle of the road.]

We’ll be home one week from today. Crazy. It’s too short. But I know that there’s still so much more that God has in store for us…

Shalom! –Alexandra

PS. My apologies- I know this was slow and uninteresting. But hey, some days in life may sound like that in writing. But it was pretty amazing altogether.