Day 8: The Beauty of Bus Naps and Mountaintops.

by Alexandra Rutkowski

I started the day squeezing oranges to make juice. For all those who know my deep love for orange juice, you can imagine how blissful that experience was. 

I’m pretty much wiped out at the moment, so I’m going to try to make this short. The morning started in Nazareth. We visited a house where an Christian Arab is holding fast and fighting for the souls of Nazareth. This woman’s testimony is so incredible, she can only be described as a modern-day Joan of Arc. As a Christian, Arab by nationality, and a woman, she is a minority in a minority in a minority. Her kind is discriminated against and is truly struggling. Still, this woman is steadfast and fighting for the youth of Nazareth, that they might return to the love of Christ. We worshipped there in her small house and prayed over her and her family. It was beautiful. I’m constantly reminded of God’s grace and goodness, and His provision. What a beautiful picture of faith this woman is.

[Bus nap.]

We made our way to Yezreel Valley College, where three of the students were given the opportunity to speak on the radio station. Christian even got the chance to perform one of his songs, which I know was a blessing to a lot of people. It’s important to make the Jewish people aware that there are Christians that truly support them and their land. It’s such a bizarre notion for them. We spent time with a handful of the students and were able to hear many of their stories and opinions. Building relationships like these on the trip is something that is priceless. We were given the opportunity to bond with them and share the love of Christ. We are the only chance these people have at the moment of seeing Christ the way He is. That’s a big responsibility. But one we’ve all taken on gladly. There’s lot of prayer involved.

[Bus nap.]

We climbed to the top of Mount Arbel. Wow. What a view. What an experience. I wish I could spend all day there, but time was short so we were only there for a few moments. What beauty God has created. Wow.

[Very brief bus nap.]

We arrived at the hostel. I had a beautiful and much needed time with God on a metal hammock. I’m telling you, the Psalms, no matter how many times they are read, they are real. God is beautiful. I love the simplest time spent with God. Not reading off a mental list of requests, but just praising Him, silently sitting before Him, and talking to Him like the Daddy that He is.

After an amazing dinner here at the kibbutz and a lecture by a Jewish professor (which was quite informative), I’m quite ready to go to bed. I’m not sure the time over here, but I know it’s seven hours ahead and my bedtime’s in the States. God bless!