Isaac and Rebecca (St. James)

by Alexandra Rutkowski

Growing up, Rebecca St. James was always one of my idols. (Off topic, but her birth name is Rebecca Jean Smallbone, which makes me giggle for some unknown reason.) Her song “Wait for me,” a love ballad to her future husband, and her strong campaign for purity encouraged me to follow that same path. She surrendered herself completely to God and trusted that her future, especially her future marriage, was in His hands alone. So, she waited… and prayed… for her husband. The simple words of her song resonate still. Cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling. Wait for me too, wait for me as I wait for you.

Countless people were impacted by her story, touched by her testimony, and followed the same path. And after a while, I think we all started to get a little nervous. Umm... she’s getting older… and God still hasn’t provided. So here you have all these incredible woman of God, such as Rebecca and BarlowGirl, still holding fast… but nothing. This started to get me nervous. Is this what happens when you wait? What kind of testimony would it be to the thousands of girls (and yes, guys) you’ve ministered to if it never happens? Not cool.

Let’s jump back thousands of years, shall we? The setting, Canaan. Isaac, the son of Abraham, is still not wed, and his father intervenes. Abraham sends his servant to find a wife for his son. God sends an angel before him take care of everything, and after searching, he chooses the greatest among the women, Rebecca. God chooses her for Isaac. What a beautiful picture. As she rides back to the house of Abraham, she spots her future husband in a field… and what is he doing? Praying. Waiting and praying. She dismounts her donkey, they meet together, and she immediately covers her face with a veil and they are wed. And it is written the he loved her. Really loved her. Maybe it’s because I love (pardon the pun) endings like these, but I find this story so beautiful and romantic. I always have. There’s just something so sweet about surrendering to God and letting Him take control… and letting Him write an ending like this. But no, this wasn’t the end at all. Out of their love came something so great – Israel, God’s people.

This passage in Scripture is so incredible. Not only it is theologically rich (which is another story for another time), but also it reminds me the importance of waiting on God and praying. When God brought Rebecca to Isaac, he was waiting and praying.

Cause I am waiting for, praying for you darling. Wait for me too, wait for me as I wait for you.

So now we’re back in the present. And I just found out that on Christmas Day, Miss Rebecca St. James got engaged to an incredible man of God named Jacob Fink. (Tangent, but a.] the last name Fink? Hmmm.. and b.] it would have been perfect if his name was Isaac. But, the her son was named Isaac if that counts for anything.) This just reminded me that God provides… in His time. It reminded me so much of Isaac and Rebecca, and the important of praying. Not just waiting, but praying. It’s not enough to just wait on God, while sitting around and doing nothing, expecting things to change. That’s not trust. That comes dangerously close to laziness. It’s very easy to just be able to sit down, but it says a lot when we do something. Trust, wait, and pray. We should take example from both Isaac and Rebecca, and soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Fink.  I see this as a modern day Isaac and Rebecca story, written and directed by God (as the Bible says Isaac and Rebecca’s story was), and because of that, filled with more romance and beauty than anything we can write all on our own.